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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Checking in...1

Just me checking in. I have to throw a shout out to my friend Chaami. Whoever you are out there, I love you bro. You are my number one fan. I'm so stoked that you not only read my ninja books, but also left me such great reviews. It's a somebody like you that keeps me inspired and writing. I love you man!

Anyways, like I said before I've taken writing off for the summer, and maybe for longer. My books are selling, but I don't get many reviews. Maybe that means this wasn't meant for me. Maybe. If it is not, that's ok. I'm ok with it. I had a dream and I took a chance. So be it.  At least I gave it a shot. I tried. Like so many on American Idol or America's Got Talent - I ain't got none.

No problem. I can live with it. I will still go on with my life. I will go on with the things that I can do and be good at, like gardening. Hahaha, just kidding, I suck at that too. Let me re-evaluate at the end of summer and get back to you.  For now, stand by. I'm still here. -Adrian

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