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Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Update

So the past year was the craziest year of my life.  From the tragic passing of my best friend to the birth of my daughter- and everything in between, I am still left stunned.  Here I am though.  It’s 2013.  The depth of pain and joy from the past year is still spilling over, and I’m sure it won’t ever cease to affect me, but at least it is getting easier. 

Things that encompass all life seem calmer.  Some things don’t seem as important, like my book writing, for example.  I am grateful for the success so far of L.A. Ninja.  I have sold somewhere approaching 100 copies, with only one review, but it’s a good one of 5/5 stars.  I should be overjoyed based on the high level of internal importance that I had placed on writing and publishing it, but I’m not.  I’m happy, but it just seems less important.  I suppose that life has a way of putting things in the proper perspective.  I guess I should know that from my own characters, but I admit- it gets away from me sometimes.

Speaking of which, my little girl is amazing.  I purposely try to avoid being that parent that sings high praise about their little one, even with all evidence to the contrary.  However, I am unable to do so, so it seems.  She is so much more than I had hoped for.  She is healthy, vibrant, passionate and intelligent.  She is physically large, to my surprise, as neither my wife nor I are tall, and she is more advanced than most of her peers.

She was walking at ten months of age, and now at eleven months is able to make short bursts of runs.  She says some words, including “dada” and “Adrian”, and she has a thirst for everything that is the life around her.  She giggles and has had her first laugh attack.  She loves dogs and all things animal.  She loves the zoo.  She is stubborn, temperamental, and so far, refuses to take shit from anyone.  I admit that she probably gets more of that from her mother than me, but that is ok. 

Speaking of which, my wife amazes me too.  I have told her so, but I sometimes think that we both lose sight of it.  So I will write it down here.  I think she has far exceeded the already high hopes that I had for her as the mother of my children.  She has shown patience, love and admiration, and strength with our babygirl.  She has impressed me further with her research and educated approach to raising her, for which I am often times left in the dark due to my own ignorance on the subject.  I think though, for my part, the result provides the ability to strike an even balance in raising her.  Either way, I am so appreciative in the passion and energy that she has shown in raising our daughter.

Anyhow, it can sometimes be difficult when two parents must find agreement in the everyday decisions to raise a young one.  The key though is communicating- as we always do, and sometimes having the trust and courage to make concessions.  It works both ways.  We are making it though, and I am happy with what I see in my little girl.  It will be her first birthday at the end of this week.  Happy birthday, Munkiepants.  I love you like crazy! -Daddy