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Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer off from Writing

So here we are.  I'm three books in now.  LA Ninja I and II are written and published.  No more edits to come.  Pumps is done.  That one was way out in left field for me, mostly because I'm a straight guy who writes gangster/ninja stories.  So the fact that I turned out a chicklit book that has received accolades from industry professionals is exhilarating.  I still can't believe that one. lol... By the way, the fact that a story like Pumps would be labeled as chicklit does not bother me in one bit.  I think it's cool, because I know the main audience for that story would be the cool girls and fashionistas aka hot girls. And hey, that is alright by me lol.  After all, I married a hot fashionista.

Anyways, something funny you might realize if you read LA Ninja I was that I changed some of the names of the gangs are characters.  Apparently there was too much coincidence to real life gangs, as if that was something easy to actually keep up with.  Upon my research, I've found that there are way too many gangs to possibly keep up with, but I did my best.

I just want to say one last thing about what LA Ninja has become.  For one, I am inspired.  Those stories have turned out amazing.  I never intended them to go that way.  I never intended for things to go so shittily for Gabe all the time.  It just happened. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to get him out of the mess he's in, but I surely can't end it bad.  No matter what happens, and yes, I'm totally biased, but these stories should be movies.  I would love to see LA Ninja as a movie.  Right?

Speaking of ninja moves...I was recently checking out some old ninja movies that I used to watch as a kid in the 80s.  They suck! lol... No offense to Golan Globus or Sho Kosugi, who seemed to be in most of them, but they were not good.  Bad plots, bad acting, outlandish themes or sequences, like in Ninja III Domination when the bad ninja gets blown to smithereens in the beginning, or the sword flies on its own.  It goes on and on like that, but I wonder why nobody made a better movie? Well it's my dream that LA Ninja becomes one of the better ninja movies.  And with the resurgence of the 80s, would a resurrection of ninja movies be called for?

Well that's that for ninjas, for now.  I am going to be writing for awhile.  I'm taking the summer off from that.  Hopefully you guys agree with me about the LA Ninja, and hopefully you guys think it rocks.  Let me know either way.  -Adrian

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