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Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Update 2015

A couple of things.  Happy New Year to everyone, of course!  So much has changed. I got a new job - which is great because I will have more time to write!  I'm also having a new baby, due in June!  While this is awesome, it counters item number one where I would have had more time to write because of my new job -hahaha/sob sob sob/hahaha/sob sob sob.  Honestly, my inlaws will be here for a while to help, so I think I can get a book done.  After all, I wrote the LA Ninja story in 2 weeks (of course it took a year to edit and refine).  We'll see how that turns out, I'll keep you posted.

On the writing front, there was some more excitement.  I got a few important reviews for LA Ninja and PUMPS, and you know what my peeps?  They have given me great hope, which is why I will definitely keep writing.  YES!!!

You can read a great review of PUMPS by the's Lisa O'Meara.  She gave me a 7 out of 10 which, if you've read any of their reviews, is pretty awesome.  The gals over at chicklitclub are no joke, which is awesome for anyone who wants a no-bullshit review before buying a novel in the genre.  

As for LA Ninja, I received a review from a friend of mine who summer's in Jersey.  Well, he and his wife also winter, fall, and spring there as well, but it sounds better the way I said it first.  Anyways, I sent him a copy of LA Ninja to read and he loved it.  Not only that, he sent it to his mom, an English teacher, who loved it so much that they both insist that I try to go with an agent again.

Sigh...about that.  It is hard.  I tried this before.  It takes a lot of hours and effort just to contact the different agent groups and beg for them to answer.  I suppose that now I have a lot more clout with over a thousand copies sold and not one single negative review.  That must mean something, shouldn't it?  

That said, is it the goal to actually have an agent and be published by a big house?  Not really.  My goal is to get this written into a screenplay (by me or someone else) and get this on the big screen.  That is my goal.  An agent would be able to help with that.  So far, on my own, it's been molassesly slow.  Anyways, I'm gonna try again and see what happens.  

Lastly, since I'm going to be writing and blogging again, I'm not sure what to write next.  PUMPS part 2, or the Vida story -the offshoot from LA Ninja II.  If anyone has any suggestions, please email me or comment.  Thanks, and I will be seeing y'all soon! -Adrian

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