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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

L.A. Ninja I and II

You guys aren't gonna believe this, but I've been busting ass this past two weeks and I not only got LA Ninja II done, but I also got my final final final edits of LA Ninja I done too.  Both are published now!! Can you believe it??  I can't, but I'm glad to be done with that project for now. I can't wait to have a cold brew and bask in the glory that is the feeling of finishing a novel.  It will have to wait til' this weekend.

But wait!  The news gets better.  LA Ninja II is free.  That's right. F-R-E-E!!  Why?  Cause I'm awesome. Yes.  Cause I'm generous?  For sure.  Cause I'm egotistical?  If that means awesome and generous, then yes!!  Really, though, I am doing it because I think people that read LA Ninja deserve a freebie, and I also want to increase readership.  Yes, it's a marketing tactic!  Is it a cheap hook? Heck no.  I worked my ass off on that novel and I think it's pretty damn good.  So I hope you all enjoy it.

Disclaimer.  There is a problem over at amazon.  They're great, I love the company, and I sure buy a lot of crap there, but alas, they won't let me publish a free book.  I think, though, that I can do promotions where it is free for a time period, so I will definitely hook that up.  Other than that, you'd have to go to smashwords directly, or if you have a nook, or apple device, or any of several other devices besides the kindle you can get it free. So it shouldn't really be a problem, but if it is, drop me a message and I can help you out.

Anyways, that's it for now. I will come back this weekend and setup links, pictures, and more information on how to find LA Ninja II.  Oh, there's one other thing.  For anyone that did read LA Ninja I, I had to go back and change the names of the gangs and the cartels.  It seems that some of the names were "too close" to those of some actual real life gangs in the world. Hey, I didn't know there were so many gangs out there. Anyways, I found that out on my own, but that is a change that some people might notice. That's it.  Happy hunting! -A

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