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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet My Muse

I wrote this in an email to my muse, who happens to also be my hot lil' wife. Smart and beautiful, ain't I lucky? Anyways, I thought I'd share this email, as it was an inspiration for a book that I wrote about a strong woman who finally finds herself, without even knowing she was suppose to be looking.

This is me writing as Allie, in the first person. For the record, she thought it was funny at the time!

Journal – Day 6

There has been a drop off in journal entries from Allie since the first one. So I will take it upon myself to write the journal for her from 10,000 miles away:

The trip continues to be quite an eventful adventure. While the hours are long, time does go by fast. I remain in the driver’s seat with a constant stream of factory approvals and rejections for what must now be about 2000 pairs of shoes. The dialect of the factory workers and the other Chinese in and about town continues to amuse me, quite to my delight. The language is interesting, and so different, yet it is intriguing, and something that I wish I could learn. Well maybe someday my kids can learn it, anyways. Vivian and the other Chinese girls are so hospitable too. The dragon fruit has been a new excitement for me, and ever since I made a scene about how much I like it, it is now brought to me by the barrel! Much like everywhere else in the world except the United States, people are just so genuinely nice here.

As for work, it is far too empowering to be in such a position as this, as everyone around me is far too submissive and subordinate. They almost act as if they are slaves for a mean cruel master, when it really is so far from that. But that is something that comes with the position, and any backing down from that could possibly invite disobedience, rebellion, and embarrassment. So I must play the game, and play it to win.

The hotel, the work building, and the food continue to be impressive, and completely opposite from the crap that people back home made it sound like. Note to self: never listen to those dumb hoes again on stuff like this! I have been wined and dined in the finest establishments, and I have not had to dish out for it.

My boss, Hans Ed got really sick and had to be hospitalized, and wouldn't you know it, I proceeded the next day to also get sick, almost succumbing to dysentery and mild botulism –don’t ask. A minor blip on the radar of this trip and I seemed to have bounced back quite well. Adrian thinks it is just the change in food, which may or may not be true. Who knows, that idiot always thinks he is right, and even if he is half the time, I won’t give him the satisfaction! Speaking of which, I do miss him so. I hate leaving him all alone with my beloved babies, because I know how lonely it is after all the times he left me for long business trips. But I guess on the bright side, I will be back home next week –eeeeeeee! Which brings me to my amazing experience, shopping in Houjie town, i spent about 50 million RMB and got some amazing stuff. It was so much fun bartering with the Chinese! They remind me of the way I think Finny (our dog) would be trying to strike deals if he was a Chinese salesman! It is a very empowering experience to get people to change their prices and get what you want. Wow! that was fun!

Anyways, Mary and Cindy are gone, and Lenora and someone else I hang out with will be here today? Tomorrow? One of these days... We will go shopping again, and it will be so much fun. So until next time, journal, this is Allie signing off – Moo Goo Gai Pan, muth@*uckas!

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