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Friday, February 1, 2013

SNL Flash in the Pan? TV Update.

SNL has started up again for the new year, providing some funny entertainment for a change.  I was getting to thinking that maybe SNL is turning the corner on the level of comedy that it is providing, but then again, I’m not so sure.  Far be it from me to be that naïve. 

The newcomers are coming along, slowly but surely.  Taran Killam is pretty funny too, but I still miss Amy Poehler and especially Kristen Wiig.  The duo of Amy and Seth crushed it on the Weekend Update, and Kristen had so many funny skits that I wouldn’t even know where to start.  Strike that.  The skit where she played the lady who had trouble keeping secrets and always ended up jumping out the window was money.  Remember this?

Two weeks ago, the best skit by far was the piece with the dogs doing the Top Chef.  You didn’t have to be a dog person to get everything in that skit, but it probably would have made it so much better.  You can see it on YouTube here:

SNL was pretty good last weekend too. The “YOLO” digital short with Andy Samberg, Kendrick Lamar, and Adam Levine was awesome.  Having Lonely Island back in the mix makes those bits that much better. The Sopranos skit was hilarious too –I’m not sure if that one will make a comeback, but it would be nice if it did.  I’m glad to be seeing that one new guy, Bobby Moynihan, being this good in a skit.  That reminds me, he was also good as the Italian kid in that one skit with Vinnie Vedecci. 

So am I going to change the acronym of SNL from Snoozing, Not Laughing, back to Saturday Night Live? Probably not.  Not yet.  I know that from watching the show for so many years, it has its ups and downs.  We are in a downcycle, for sure. 

The rest of my TV repertoire is coming along nicely though.  Vampire Diaries is wicked good, as is Two Broke Girls, New Girl, and Modern Family.  American Horror Story did not live up to last season’s greatness, but I still have 5 episodes on the DVR, so maybe there’s hope?  How I Met Your Mother dropped off a bit for me as well this season –and what’s with Barney marrying Robin?  That will ruin the show. 

I did see the pilot for the Americans, which is the new spy series running on FX.  It was a bit long, but I seriously didn’t notice because it was so good.  I won’t tell you what it’s all about, but I will say that it has everything: action, deep characters, spy games, sex, love, intrigue, and rock n roll.  If the characters can pull me in completely during the first episode, then that’s good writing.  I never really looked at Keri Russell that closely before, but you know something?  She’s kind of hot.

My last note is sad one.  As painful as it is to admit this, I end up watching Allie’s crap on TV too.  I can’t help it.  I am busy working away on my computer and she watches the Real Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, the New Normal, and American Idol in the background.  I wouldn’t say that I “watch” any of those shows, but I definitely know what’s going on in them.  I will admit too, that they are pretty good.  I would probably watch Grey’s Anatomy on my own too, because I’m in so deep.  The Real Housewives can get pretty dramatic, and you know, I’m all about the drama.

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