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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Baby

I write this, knowing that so many more pieces will come. Even so, I stare at my little daughter, sleeping, and I feel this tremendous feeling of love and duty. She is only six weeks old, and she, of course, has no idea how she is affecting me, but she is, tremendously, and in a good way. She gives me hope. She makes me love, as though I hadn’t before. She amazes me, even at her age, with her mannerisms, gestures, squeaks, and grunts. She stretches her arms, smiles, frowns, cries, and clenches her fists. Most of this is normal, but that matters not, because this little girl is as free as can be. I am looking at her now while I write this, and she has no clue of the powerful feelings that she has invoked in me, and with all that, and all that is in my soul and mind, I will project it unto her, and propel her to be the best that she can be, no matter what that is. She is free to choose. I love that. She is my baby. She is my love. She is my life. I lover her, and look forward to her next movement and thought. Life is amazing, and she has touched me deeper than anyone ever has before. That counts for a lot. I love you, baby.

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